Serving Authentic Chinese Cuisine and Dim Sum Since 1985

Family owned and operated across generations, Furama served its first customers in Uptown in 1985. The restaurant’s original dining room seated about 200 guests on the ground level of the building. After a few years, with the growing population, Furama evolved with the community and expanded its dining room by taking over the 2nd floor to accommodate the demand for larger parties and events, becoming the biggest Chinese restaurant in the Uptown community. Furama not only became the venue for Chinese food, but also for private events, such as weddings, concerts and social gatherings.

Throughout the years, Furama also developed a larger variety of Cantonese and Dim Sum items so customers can enjoy a fuller experience of Chinese cuisine. Furama offers one of the largest varieties of Dim Sum in Chicago and uniquely serves guests the traditional way on Dim Sum Carts. Furama is one of the few places existing today that believes in the keeping of traditions by delivering dim sum on carts, which is the heart of the dim sum experience.